We would like to thank several people who have been involved in the World War II Poster Project over the years.  

Doris Dysinger (retired, former Curator for Special Collections & University Archives, Bucknell University) was the third member of the initial World War II Poster Project Development Team. During her many years at Bucknell, Doris created numerous opportunities for undergraduates to work hands-on with archival materials from Special Collections & University Archives. 

Nancy Dagle (retired — former Director of Library Services, Bucknell University) and Gene Spencer (former Associate Vice President, Information Services & Resources, Bucknell University; currently, Consultant, Gene Spencer Consulting) were instrumental in creating an organizational culture in which librarians and technologists were encouraged (and motivated) to think about new ways to tackle challenges such as library instruction. Nancy and Gene made it possible for us to develop and implement this project.

Deb Cook-Balducci was the lead instructional technologist involved in this project. For the 2006 and 2008 cohorts, Deb worked with students to teach them the basics of digital photography, editing and manipulating digital images, and working with photography equipment. 

From the Digital Initiatives Group: Dan Mancusi and Laura Riskedahl.

  • Dan Mancusi: web site (2006), co-instructor (2008), photographs (2008)
  • Laura Riskedahl: metadata (2006)

2008 Instructional Team: Nancy Frazier and Isabella O’Neill